Product Marketing: Software


The Client, a provider of library automation solutions, is launching a new version of their
capstone software product. Marketing of earlier versions of the software were targeted to early adopters. New product branding is now needed to help the Client appeal to the majority market.

The new software version is called ‘Enterprise Koha’ replacing the previous product name ‘Koha Zoom’ in order to emphasize the stability of the software.


Marketing of earlier versions of the software were targeted to early adopters. Early adopters are customers that see themselves more as rebels and risk-takers and are willing to take risks on new companies and new products. They are more interested in the features of a software product than the stability and credentials of the company. The Client has been successful in appealing to this market.

New product branding is now needed to help the Client appeal to the majority market.
Customers in the majority market are not risk-takers. They are very interested in the stability of both the product and the company.

Color Palette
The new product branding employs a new blue color palette
designed to appeal to more conservative customers and to
emphasize the stability of the company. A shade of the
green used in promotional materials historically is used as
an accent color in the new promotion to provide visual
continuity between the old and new software versions.

Copy several messages critical for appealing to the new target market:

  • Trust: “The Most Trusted Name In Open Source”
  • “Solid. Recognizable. Trusted.” “Best in Class”
  • Company Stability: Client’s stability as a company. Number of clients already supported. Reassurance that the business is sustainable in a volatile economy.
  • Community Stability: Emphasizing customers, enterprise enhancements, community service.

De-emphasized are former messages highlighting the Client’s unique business model and the product’s basic feature set, which are messages counter-productive in appealing to the majority market.


The new color palette and new content are seamlessly incorporated into a wide range of marketing materials. The product branding efforts successfully move the Client from the Early Adopter to Early Majority market. This successful transition to the Majority market becomes a major factor in creating company value and influencing the successful negotiation of the future sale of the company.

Product Marketing: Web Services


The Client is launching a new cataloging web service called ‘’. The Client needs a brand and marketing strategy which will appeal to its target market: catalogers and library directors. Catalogers are known to be a conservative market, generally turned off by flashy graphics. How to create a memorable brand which will appeal to a conservative market while still reflecting the Client’s playful corporate branding?


  • The logo is based on the “American Typewriter” font, a playful variation of the conservative typeface made popular by nonelectric typewriters.
  • All lowercase letters reflect the company’s playful brand.
  • The symbol chosen to accompany the text is a common symbol unique to cataloging and used by catalogers daily. Every cataloger will immediately recognize it and understand that this is a product directed at them.

SUCCESS grows into the world’s largest database of freely-licensed library records. It is well received by its target market, with users contributing over 35 million records within two years of its launch. As of 2009, boasted 4,000 users worldwide.

The brand continues to translate superbly to many media, including:

  • Exhibit signage
  • Web graphics
  • Print materials
  • Promotional items