Product Marketing: Web Services


The Client is launching a new cataloging web service called ‘’. The Client needs a brand and marketing strategy which will appeal to its target market: catalogers and library directors. Catalogers are known to be a conservative market, generally turned off by flashy graphics. How to create a memorable brand which will appeal to a conservative market while still reflecting the Client’s playful corporate branding?


  • The logo is based on the “American Typewriter” font, a playful variation of the conservative typeface made popular by nonelectric typewriters.
  • All lowercase letters reflect the company’s playful brand.
  • The symbol chosen to accompany the text is a common symbol unique to cataloging and used by catalogers daily. Every cataloger will immediately recognize it and understand that this is a product directed at them.

SUCCESS grows into the world’s largest database of freely-licensed library records. It is well received by its target market, with users contributing over 35 million records within two years of its launch. As of 2009, boasted 4,000 users worldwide.

The brand continues to translate superbly to many media, including:

  • Exhibit signage
  • Web graphics
  • Print materials
  • Promotional items


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