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The Client has a patent pending on a new ISO container moving system and has less than two months to establish a comprehensive corporate presence and develop product branding/strategy in preparation for the company’s trade show debut.


The Client has a limited budget to work with, so the QuickLoadz website is built using WordPress–a framework which easily allows non-programmers to add/edit website content. This prepares the Client to assume control over website management while he works towards building the business to afford ongoing marketing assistance. It includes, per the Client’s request, a heavy focus on branded video footage of the product in action. All product videos are uploaded to YouTube and embedded into the website using an intuitive gallery management plugin.

YouTube hosting accomplishes three things: 1) saves the Client money by offering free hosting for the large video files 2) provides SEO juice to the new QuickLoadz website 3) lets the Client use a platform he’s already familiar with to add videos in-house.

Trade Show
The Client is assisted in evaluating the best way to cost-effectively meet QuickLoadz’ goals at the company’s trade show debut. The Client wants to use the trade show to attract a manufacturer to license his patent and/or secure the interest of a large end user, but has no product ready to sell. The expenses of trade show marketing are drastically reduced by creating an eye-popping, but minimalist, booth presence. A professional product video is created for QuickLoadz and the Client (per our advice) plays the video in the booth using a digital projector/screen he purchases for less than the cost of renting the technology one time.

Promotional budget goes towards creating branded USBs loaded with the product video for leads to take home. An 8.5×11 brochure that can be printed in-house is created to give the Client a chance to assess the effectiveness of the branding messages before investing in
professionally printed brochures.

The Client is trained in effective boothing techniques, enabling him to qualify leads and test his business development assumptions. Private meetings are scheduled between the Client and the desired target manufacturers prior to the show. During the show, Client secures several large customer leads to carry him into the next phase of business development.


The Client’s trade show debut is a resounding success. The target market represented by the trade show is validated. Post-show business development assistance results in the Client making a major strategy pivot.

QuickLoadz Promotional Video:

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