Website Design

Website design is about more than programming. Your website should be intuitive and user-friendly. Below is a list of great resources on the topic of website usability.

Website development frameworks have come a long way and now make it very easy for non programmers to create professional looking websites without coding expertise.

Our favorite is WordPress– built originally as a blogging platform. In order to turn an out-of-the-box WordPress installation into a professional looking commerce website, some premium plugins are typically needed. Here are some we highly recommend:

  • Gravity Forms for WordPress: A powerful drop and drag form creation tool.
  • BackupBuddy Plugin: The best way to easily and thoroughly backup your WordPress installation without sys admin experience.
  • WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin: Create pricing incentives just like pros.

Tradeshow Strategy

Participating in tradeshows can be a great way to attract new sales and spread the word about your business. Unfortunately, the potential for waste (of time and money) are also great. Below are some fantastic resources for anyone looking to make tradeshows profitable and economical.

Search Engine Advertising

The advent of online advertising opportunities like Google Adwords has made it easier than ever for marketing novices to reach new customers. However, without some old-fashioned business strategy, search engine advertising can quickly become a moneypit. The following is a must-read for those new to search engine advertising.

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