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Brochure Design

Kaniko Creative Group specializes in creating dynamic printed promotional materials such as brochures, pocket folders and flyers. We pride ourselves on designing marketing materials that have a long shelf life– materials that will evolve as your company’s services and products do.

Website Design

From website and software interface design to integration of social media and ad publishing, we’ve done it. But creating a website is just the beginning. Equally as important is driving traffic to your site and analyzing that traffic to determine short and long-term strategies for accomplishing your company’s unique goals.

Brand Marketing

Successful branding of your product or service requires creating a unified look, feel and message across all your marketing collateral. From web graphics to brochures and signage, Kaniko Creative Group has the experience to make your product stand out.

SEO / Online Advertising

Two things are critical to Building native search engine traffic is critical to achieving an impressive ROI. Our services include: SEO-Optimized Web Design, Quality Backlink Generation, SEO Status Analysis and Strategy, Google AdWords/Adsense